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Vision and Values

We are well aware that a modern and developed country can't exist without a competent and effective intelligence service.

We assess global developments in the context of Georgia's national security and try to see new challenges and opportunities beyond all significant events.

Our activity is based upon the following values:

Dignity and Devotion

Our activity is the highest priority and a matter of honor for each of us. We place national interests above all else.

Responsibility and Rule of Law

We evaluate our activity according to our achievements. We are guided by the principle of rule of law and professional ethics based upon internationally recognized values and norms.

Teamwork and Competence

We achieve our goals through joint efforts. We respect and appreciate the contribution of each GIS officer to the common mission.

Young employees are growing up alongside the older generation. We strive to constantly deepen our knowledge and gain new experience, since we are conscious that the effectiveness of the service depends on our high competence.

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E-mail: docs@gis.gov.ge
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